What Are Cannabis Concentrates and How Are They Consumed?

AOC What Are Cannabis Concentrates and How Are They Consumed

Cannabis is a widely consumed commodity, especially now that it has become legal in numerous states; and cannabis concentrates stand among the varying products as being much more potent compared to regular weed. Cannabis flowers normally have a THC content level ranging from 10-25% — concentrates, however, can go upwards of 80%. That’s why it is important, when considering them, to consume the correct dosage.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are made by distilling the parts of the cannabis plant that contain the greatest amount of cannabinoids and terpenes, which are where the effects, aroma, and flavor of marijuana come from.

Cannabis concentrates are filled with these substances, making them more effective than most other cannabis products.

How To Consume Cannabis Concentrates?

One of the most common ways to consume concentrates is by dabbing. This is done by heating them on a surface, vaporizing them, and inhaling the condensation; other ways include vape pens, topicals, and edibles. To know which method will work best for you, it is important to know what your desired outcome is.

Low Maintenance Potency

To achieve low maintenance potency, it is best to top your flower by adding cannabis powder around the joint. This does not require much effort or complex tools and will increase the potency while adding flavor.

Quick Effect

If you want to get high immediately, you can vaporize the concentrate with a dab rig. These are similar to bongs and are usually ceramic, glass, or quartz. You can apply the concentrate directly on the hot surface, and inhale the vapor released in the process.

Light and Easy High

This high is more common for people on-the-go. The best way is to have a pre-filled vape pen for a portable way to consume cannabis concentrates. Although they don’t have the same effectiveness as dabbing, vape pens can get you high almost instantly. Just have your cartridge and battery with you, so you can consume the concentrate anytime.

Long-Lasting and Smoke-Free High

To achieve long-lasting results without having to smoke, you can eat edibles with cannabis concentrates. They can be found in dispensaries or home-made.

They don’t require special tools and are simple to create, making them the best choice if you want to avoid smoking. The only difference between edibles and smoking is the time you need to wait before the high kicks in. With smoking, the high will kick in immediately, but, with edibles, you may have to wait up to two hours.

How To Make Weed Concentrate?

If you want to make the best cannabis concentrate for your consumption, here are some types of concentrates you can try:

1. Kief

This type of concentrate is a collection of resins and trichomes that are crystallized on the leaves of the cannabis plant. Kief contains the highest quantity of THC and is the source of all of marijuana concentrates. The most common method of making kief is by collecting the powder at the bottom of your grinder and pushing it through a series of silk screens to get fine kief.

2. Hash

Hash can be manufactured by applying just the right amount of heat to your kief to form a solid mass. This process can help preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes in your concentrate and produce a good quality end-product.

3. Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is a concentrate pressed from kief that has gone through water bath extraction. Cannabis flowers are submerged in ice water to remove the trichomes from the plant, drained, and let dry before being pressed into pure hash.

4. Rosin

Rosin is one of the most popular concentrates in recent years because it has high-potency trichomes. Creating this concentrate is fast and does not leave behind any chemical residue. It requires a Rosin press and only a small amount of heat.

There are so many ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates. To make sure that you are using cannabis concentrates safely, make sure to buy from licensed stores and dispensaries only.

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