Colorado Springs - Tejon Street

Colorado Springs - Tejon Street

Altitude Organic’s mission is to bring clean, high-quality cannabinoid extracts to Tejon Street’s medical market and beyond. Using the newest technologies and state of the art equipment, we are committed to giving you the best quality leaves, edibles, oils, and other quality products available.

Each of our strains is carefully selected and grown in soil free from chemicals to ensure superior profiles, that when extracted, produce the highest quality concentrates. We have members assigned to oversee each specific process to guarantee safety, quality, and consistency. Altitude Organic should be your go-to dispensary for medical marijuana on Tejon Street!

Located in SoDO (Southern Downtown) Colorado Springs set amongst the vibrant Tejon "strip". This unique location was formerly a Sportique Scooter sales & service location. To allow for more space and expansion for the business, Altitude Organic took over the location which allowed for Sportique to move to its new, bigger home on Platte Avenue. With its Venice beach style roll up door you can catch open in the summertime to the industrial feel; Altitude Organic on Tejon will make you feel like you are truly in the heart of the city. We welcome you today!

What Our Customers Say

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"When on top, you will always have complainers People get jealous that AOM has the Fire. You can tell the haters or just all around jealous growers, b/c they leave stupid comments on here(below me is one of them) For people to leave bad comments on here, its probably b/c they are jealous of quality, the look of this place and how much HARD work goes into running dispensaries. I have been with aom for a few months now, and their bud is the KILL KILL. Anyone who says it all smells the same, their sense of smell might not be working. Each and every flower has its own smell, and its not HAY smell!!"
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"A little over a year investigating and.... Treat you like a member is a bit of an understatement. More like being treated as family. I tried over twenty dispensaries this year and have signed with these fine people. Clear, low prices. Nugs are hand trimmed, not tumbled, so glands are present and plentiful. Kind, attentive staff. Excellent pricing and really good deals. Locations are spotless and we'll appointed. My favorite by far. Thank you, Altitude! Setting the standard, as far as I'm concerned. And I'm damn hard to impress."
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"The Best Organic Medicine Have shopped with AOM for 2 years or so and their medicine is awesome!! The nuggets are usually always hard as rocks and burns smooth and DANK!! The hardest nuggets I have ever had was from Breakfast Kush and I do mean HAF!! My favorite is Chucky's OG Kush, Humbolt Royal Kush, and GG#4 & Do Si Do. Aaron Thin Mints is also awesome, but it will put me down...very strong medicine!! The staff at all locations ROCK!! Always helpful and give me awesome service!! Love this Place and its ORGANIC!!"
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"Very impressed with this dispensary. Great smelling, tasting and working lab tested meds. Beautiful, well lit bud room. Got some Chem OG4 that knocks my socks off. I've been looking for a decent chem dawg strain for 2 years and I finally found it! I got an 1/8th one day and was straight back the next to get 6 more 1/8ths plus a quarter of pineapple express (wonderful) They have a sativa phenotype of chem dawg as well!! Love my caregiver, but this place is basically just as awesome. Organic meds as well. Do yourself a favor and check this place out, top notch. Oh and I have to mention the staff, totally friendly and absolutely professional."
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"Aurelio Rocks! I just got my red card a couple days ago for the first time. I had never been to a medical dispensary. So I was uninformed about many of my options and choices for what I was looking for, but Aurelio was beyond patient with me and very informative about all the products. He made the whole experience very comfortable and welcoming, from calling with questions to my in-house experience. I will definitely be back for some other products as well as more amazing customer service! Thanks, Aurelio! I'll be back soon!"
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"I am always amazed whenever I leave this dispensary 😊😊😊 I was a member at another dispensary for a few years and one day a friend recommended this place so I tried there products and I signed with them immediately 😊. They're flower not only tastes great but is so incredibly effective I've never been so pleasantly surprised. Chucky's OG Kush hands down my new favorite!!! I will be back for more, I highly highly highly recommend all locations this dispensary is awesome."
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