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Take A Step Back To Where It All Started

Like all great success stories, Altitude Organic Medicine started with a dream, three men, and a craigslist ad. The story began with Luther Bonow, a Texan native who moved to Colorado with big dreams of green things. Already occupying the first store front on West Colorado Ave and franchised name Altitude Organic Medicine, he found himself short on product that would respectfully cater the most important part of the name; “Organic Medicine.” With limited options, Luther did what anyone in the 21st century would do, post a wanted ad on Craigslist for quality growers. The ad was answered by Colorado natives Aaron Bluse and William Martin. Two men with the grow knowledge, experience, and eagerness to partner with Luther, thus establishing the perfect balance of retail sales, marketing, and ability to grow the quality of marijuana that was hard to find among commercial grows.

The store was small, but we made it work. The grow was on site, we would trim, cure, and do business all in one business. The security? Each owner would take turns sleeping in the office on a small cot to monitor the plants and merchandise.

AOC Tenjon Street Branch Exterior
AOC Platte Ave Branch Exterior
AOC Platte Ave Branch Exterior

This continued for about three years, until May of 2012 when the U.S. Attorney’s Office deemed Altitude Organic Medicine too close to Buena Vista Elementary School, giving the owners 45 day to pack up and move.

The newest location, in Dillon Colorado, know locally as Altitude Organic Cannabis, has quickly become Summit County’s favorite recreational dispensary. The expansion to this beautiful location offers Mountain locals and tourists alike just what their heart desires, while always endeavoring to supply the greatest quality product and a true, Rocky Mountain High.

Meet Our Team

Three separate walks of life, joined together to build the best dispensaries in Colorado with the finest, freshest, highest quality strains in the state.

AOC Luther Bonow
Luther Bonow


AOC Aaron Bluse
Aaron Bluse


AOC William Martin
William Martin


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