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Altitude Organic – A Keystone, Colorado Dispensary You Can Trust

As with other states, Colorado’s cannabis black market is also flourishing. Competition will undoubtedly be high, especially on prices. However, effectiveness and safety can only be guaranteed if you purchase from a dispensary that not only stays compliant with the state’s laws, but also differentiates themselves in unique and innovative ways.

At Altitude Organic, we take pride in the production of high-quality and locally grown cannabis of the utmost purity! We have an established, well-managed system of supply, demand, and sale.

Why Choose Altitude Organic?


Cannabis products sold at the black market are grown without oversight. Users have no idea how the flowers were grown, under what conditions, what chemicals they may be laced with, or whether they have been exposed to pesticides. The products we offer at our dispensary in Keystone, CO were grown under experts’ scrutiny and underwent quality control tests, hence are desirable to both new and experienced users.

We focus on product quality instead of forcing large production and supply. By doing this, we can efficiently provide superior products to our clients at reasonable prices, and become the preferred cannabis dispensary in Keystone, Colorado.

Customer Service

For new cannabis users, choosing and buying the best strains from a wide range of menus can be confusing. Our Keystone dispensary employees can confidently explain our products’ provenance and uses. This gives clients more confidence when buying.

While you can visit our dispensary any time to make the selection in person, we also offer a more flexible and hassle-free option to purchase our products. You may browse our menu and order online. Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions.


With easy access to the internet, you can always do your own search about cannabis and its strains. You may have questions when you visit us at our Keystone, Colorado dispensary. We make sure our employees have transparent information from the cultivation source to answer all clients’ queries.

At Altitude Organic, nothing is more important than meeting the needs of our clients. That is why our staff are also trained to be educators rather than mere salesmen. Our work isn’t done until you feel confident in choosing the best product for your personal needs. Part of that comes from good education.


As a passionate and professional cannabis seller, we know that our valued clients appreciate opportunities to save when buying marijuana products. We are dedicated to outperforming our competitors in this area. If you are looking for the most reasonably priced products, considering quality and grade, Altitude Organic is the ideal Keystone, Colorado dispensary for you! We also offer discount programs once in a while, which our customers can benefit from.

We aim to help improve people’s lives through the products we offer. However, we know that not everyone is alike, and neither is weed. Let us help you find the most appropriate strain and delivery methods for your recreational use. Contact or visit our dispensary in Keystone, CO now. We can’t wait to get to know you!

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