7 Best Ways to Smoke Cannabis Flower

AOC 7 Best Ways to Smoke Cannabis Flower

There are so many ways to consume the cannabis flower, but we have narrowed it down to three principal methods: oral, inhalation, and topical. If you enjoy smoking cannabis, there are a lot of ways to do it besides rolling it up in paper or sticking it in a pipe.

Cannabis can be used for medical or recreational purposes because it can benefit both your mental and physical health. Getting the benefits you want from weed depends on how you consume it. In this article, we will focus on inhalation delivery methods, and you will learn the seven best ways to smoke weed.

Inhalation Delivery Methods

When you inhale cannabis, it enters your lungs before it is absorbed into your bloodstream. There are two inhalation delivery methods: smoking and vaporization. The most common way to consume cannabis is through smoking. However, vaporization technology offers an alternative that can limit the health risks associated with smoking.

Through the years, cannabis smokers have used many different devices to smoke weeds such as pipes, rolling papers, bongs and even homemade devices. Each device offers a different experience for the smoker.

Here are the best ways to smoke cannabis:

1. Hand Pipes

As the most common smoking device, hand pipes are considered the most convenient device because of their small and portable design. They are simple to use and are available in many creative shapes and styles. There are some designs called disguise pipes, which are essentially just hand pipes disguised as normal objects that are meant to be enjoyed in the most creatively subtle ways.

Hand pipes work by trapping the smoke from the burning cannabis flower in the bowl of the pipe, allowing the user to safely inhale the smoke through the pipe stem.

2. Water Pipes

Water pipes are most commonly known by the names of their two main variations: bongs and bubblers. Just like hand pipes, water pipes have different styles and designs, but the inhalation methods are generally the same. By adding water to the bottom of the water pipe, you can inhale the weed through a filtration system that draws the smoke through the water to cool it.

3. Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are used to smoke joints and blunts. When the cannabis flower is rolled in paper, it is called a joint. Blunts on the other hand, use cigar paper made from tobacco leaves, which usually contain nicotine.

People who smoke blunts prefer them over joints because the tobacco makes them more flavorful. The medical risks, however, can be problematic and must be seriously considered.

4. Hookahs

One of the least familiar ways of smoking cannabis, hookahs are associated with shisha or wet tobacco. This method is not common because it requires low water content, causing the cannabis flower to burn before it can be inhaled, producing a bitter taste.

In order to get rid of the unpleasant taste, the cannabis is placed in between layers of shisha. This method can be used by multiple people at the same time to enjoy a more social smoking experience.

5. Homemade Devices

This method requires more creativity for smoking. The most common homemade device used by cannabis smokers is a pipe because it is the simplest of all devices. Some skilled crafters out there can create a homemade device based on the water pipe design, but it requires a more complicated method of assembly.

6. Vaporization

If you want an inhalation method that has fewer health risks, you can use a vaporizer to consume cannabis. A vape heats the cannabis to just the right temperature in order to extract THC and CBD, while preventing harmful toxins from being released into your system. The main purpose of vaporization is to minimize the health risks you can get from smoking cannabis while still being able to inhale “smoke”.

There are a lot of vaporizer designs out there, and as the market grows, you may find more efficient and portable designs to suit your needs. Other components of vaporizers include cannabis concentrates that are added through the cartridge.

7. Dabbing

Another inhalation delivery method is dabbing. This is a form of vaporization where the cannabis concentrates are placed on a heated nail to create a vapor that is trapped in a glass globe and is inhaled like a bong. Because dabbing uses concentrated extracts, its effects can be felt immediately.

Although this method looks dangerous, it actually has more benefits and is healthier than smoking through pipes, bongs, or joints. Because of the high heat, the vapor does not contain any toxic material, making it purer than burning weed.

There are a lot of ways you can enjoy smoking cannabis, some have healthier effects, some have immediate results, and some are cheaper and more convenient than others. The best way to enjoy your weed is by using quality cannabis flowers. Altitude Organic Cannabis is the best dispensary in Keystone, CO. We provide different cannabis products such as edibles, cannabis flowers, and vaporizers. To know more about our products, visit our website and contact us now!

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