Every Part of a Cannabis Plant: Characteristics and Recreational Uses

AOC Every Part of a Cannabis Plant - Characteristics and Recreational Uses

The cannabis plant, also known as the marijuana plant, grows all around the world thanks to its ability to thrive in different climates. Nowadays, its recreational usage is common knowledge due to many places legalizing it for both medical and recreational reasons.

That said, people have shown interest in the anatomy of cannabis plants as they want to know what parts of a cannabis plant can be used for different purposes. If you’re intrigued, here’s a list of the parts of marijuana plants and their characteristics.

What Are the Parts of a Cannabis Plant?


The smokable flowers of cannabis plants have a tiny teardrop-like structure, are covered in trichomes, and can only be found in female plants. The flowers also have pistils, which are the main reproductive part of the female plant, attached to their bracts or small protective leaves. The main part of the flower is called the Cola and can usually be found at the end of a stem.


Trichomes are the crystal-like hairs that cover the marijuana plant. These play a vital role in protecting the marijuana plant from harm and can be found in other plants; they are what give them the sticky texture when touched.


Nodes are where branches grow from the main stem or another branch. Buds and fan leaves can also grow on them. The nodes of a cannabis plant are important parts since they are where you can determine if it is a female or a male.

Fan Leaves

Fan leaves are the iconic leaves you can sometimes see on clothing and other merchandise. They are the ones responsible for photosynthesis, making them one of the most important parts of a cannabis plant; however, these leaves are often discarded since they do not have enough trichomes.

Sugar Leaves

Another type of leaf that cannabis plants have are sugar leaves. These are smaller and covered with trichomes, making them appear to be covered in sugar, hence the name. Being covered in trichomes makes sugar leaves one of the parts of the marijuana plant that is most often used as an ingredient for different products.


Like with other plants, the stem of a marijuana plant is what supports its branches, leaves, and all the other parts. Healthy cannabis plants are known to have stems with colors ranging from vivid lime green to deep burgundy.


Cannabis plants have long and white roots. They are divided into two parts — the taproots and the lateral roots. Taproots are the main roots and are the thickest while lateral roots are smaller and grow perpendicularly to the taproots.

Recreational Uses of the Parts of a Cannabis Plant

As previously mentioned, there are some parts of cannabis plants that do not have enough trichomes, which are a rich source of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Those three are the key compounds to producing a high when using marijuana.

If you’re contemplating what parts of the marijuana plants you should smoke, your first and best option should be the flowers. Being covered in trichomes, flowers contain a lot of chemical compounds and are usually dried and ground before being smoked or used for other purposes.

Another useful part are the leaves. While fan leaves do not have enough trichomes and are not advisable for smoking, sugar leaves are known to be covered in trichomes, making them a good ingredient for different cannabis products like edibles, extracts, and juices.

As for the roots, stems, and nodes, they do not have enough trichomes to induce a high. If anything, the smoke may only damage your lungs; however, they can still be used for other purposes. such as making teas, seasonings, and juices.

With the budding legalization of marijuana in many states across the USA, at Altitude Organic Cannabis, we care about your health. The best advice we can give is to use marijuana in moderation and always follow the recommended dosage. If you need some high-quality cannabis products from the best Dillon, Colorado dispensary, get in touch with us! Give us a call, send us an email, or pay us a visit.

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