Cannabis and Weight Loss: What’s the Association?

AOC Cannabis and Weight Loss - What's the Association

For many years, people have associated cannabis and marijuana with weight gain because of its ability to stimulate the appetite. It is proven that people who smoke weed are used to feeling snacky after smoking. That’s why questions about whether or not cannabis really does cause weight loss have been circulating. The truth is, cannabis actually has a lot more to contribute to weight loss than weight gain.

When the topic of weed comes up, people immediately think of cannabis and marijuana. Although a lot of people have been using the terms interchangeably, cannabis is the name of the actual plant, while marijuana is the name of the crop it produces. That is the reason marijuana and weight loss are connected.

Cannabis is made up of a lot of cannabinoid compounds. These are the main factors of weight loss caused by cannabis. Marijuana is led by THC, not CBD, and weight loss boils down to CBD.

All cannabinoids have different effects on the human body, but here are different ways they can affect and alter the metabolism:

1. Appetite Suppression

We have known marijuana is an appetite stimulant, because of what we call “munchies”. Because of this, doctors often prescribe medical marijuana to patients whose appetites are affected by chemotherapy. But marijuana is led by THC; the result of CBD on the appetite is quite the opposite.

Unlike THC, CBD is more of an appetite suppressant. So using isolated CBD or cannabis will not make you crave sweets or snacks. Studies show that consuming cannabis can even lead to reduced food intake.

2. Mitochondrial Activity

Everybody knows that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. But not everyone knows that this means mitochondria convert all of our fat, sugar, and protein intake into energy to keep our bodies strong. This means that mitochondrial imbalances have a huge effect on how our body burns energy, making weight loss a struggle.

CBD can regulate mitochondrial activity which helps the body achieve a balance in the metabolism. Through that, CBD can increase the rate at which our body burns fat as long as it is partnered with a healthy diet and exercise.

3. CBD, Fats, and Insulin

Most of us think that fat is bad for our bodies, but there are actually two types of fat; the good fat (brown) and the bad fat (white). The main function of white fat is to supply energy to our body and serve as a cushion for our organs in extreme situations. Brown fat, however, generates heat to our body and burns calories.

Studies show that CBD can convert white fat into brown. Insulin exists in our body as converted excess sugar from toxins found in the liver. Irregular insulin levels can have a lot of negative effects on the body. Too much insulin means your body can’t burn fat, which will cause you to have a hard time losing weight. CBD can stabilize insulin levels, making the body able to process the additional fats more efficiently.

Now that you know the components of CBD and how it affects weight loss, here are the answers to the most common questions about cannabis and weight loss for more understanding:

Can Medical Cannabis Cause Weight Loss?

There is no guarantee that smoking cannabis can 100% help everybody lose weight. Some people are reported to have gained weight upon consuming cannabis. A lot of research is being done into how it affects different people. You can try to find out if it works for you and observe how your body changes.

Does Smoking Cannabis Cause Weight Loss?

No, there is very little evidence that smoking weed will help with weight loss.

Why Does Cannabis and Marijuana Make Me Hungry?

Smokers can guarantee that after consuming cannabis, they feel a certain craving. This comes from the THC, the same compound that contributes to your being high. THC increases the pleasure we get from certain things, which means that craving sweets and your favorite foods increases with it.

The best way to counter unhealthy eating after smoking a joint is to have healthy alternatives at hand. Store a lot of healthy snacks like carrots or fruits for when the munchies hit the next time.

Using Marijuana for Weight Loss

With all the benefits CBD can bring to your weight loss journey, there are also a lot of controversies circulating the topic. There haven’t been any studies that solidify the effects of cannabis on human weight loss. Although animal studies exist, this doesn’t provide any real answers about the matter.

Whether you want to use cannabis for weight loss, medical reasons, or just for pleasure, Altitude Organic Cannabis provides a wide variety of cannabis and medical marijuana. You can visit our site to see all of our products or drop by our marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs to see for yourself!

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