Why Use CBD Bath Bombs?

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CBD treatment may be obtained in a variety of forms, from tinctures to topical creams and sweets, but probably the most calming approach is the CBD Bath Bomb.

Bath bombs are well-known for their effervescent bubbles and vibrant colors, but CBD bath bombs provide much more than a pleasant, spa-like experience; they also give relief. They’re a one-of-a-kind blend of baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salts, plus extras like aromatic oils and, of course, CBD.

CBD bath bombs are a great way to step up your self-care routine.

What Are CBD Bath Bombs?

CBD bath bombs are a calming, effervescent experience that may be added to your bathwater. Cannabidiol, essential oils, and aroma are commonly used in bath bombs. You may also add some bright colors to the mix. Bath bombs also offer the added benefit of delivering CBD’s skin-beneficial qualities to your skin.

What Do CBD Bath Bombs Do?

Warm water can be used with CBD bath bombs. When they come into touch with water, they begin to fizz. This allows the CBD, essential oils, scent, and water to be released into the bath water. The water produces a nice atmosphere and allows oils and other components to permeate your skin. By directly engaging CBD, you may benefit from both its skin-enhancing and therapeutic properties.

While CBD and THC are both derived from the same plant, CBD does not cause intoxication. CBD bath salts and other CBD products are completely safe to use. There is no possibility of adverse effects or limitations. They also do not produce any intoxicating mental effects.

Different Types of CBD Bath Products

Knowing the distinctions between CBD bath products will allow you to make an informed purchase decision. These are the basic qualities of each kind, allowing you to choose the one with the most attributes perfect for your needs.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD contains all of the phytochemicals contained in the plant from which it is derived. Beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids, as well as essential oils, are examples of them. It also includes trace levels of THC (less than 0.3 percent). It may result in false positives in drug tests, especially for people who use large concentrations of a full-spectrum CBD bath bomb. It also implies that you will benefit from all of the medicinal benefits of the components.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

With the exception of THC, broad-spectrum CBD utilizes all plant elements. It will not cause false positives on drug tests and will still provide the full entourage effect, allowing you to get all the advantages.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is the purest form of the substance. It is 99 percent pure and eliminates all other plant components. You will not receive any of the plant’s other advantages. A CBD bath bomb is often less costly than other CBD products, yet it still gives the same advantages without including any extra substances.

Those that use CBD isolate bath bombs will likewise observe that raising the amount has no impact. This is also true for full-spectrum and broad-spectrum bath bombs.

CBD Bath Bomb Benefits

CBD has been shown to lower stress and anxiety, relieve muscular pain, and even aid in treating insomnia.

Among other CBD bath bomb benefits, it also effectively and quickly works by absorption through expanded pores, enabling the CBD to infiltrate the skin throughout the entire body, entering the bloodstream quicker than topical treatments.


Our Endocannabinoid system affects a variety of body activities, including mood, pain perception, hunger, and memory. Cannabinoids can relax and relieve tension.

Soaking in a soothing bath with a CBD bath bomb helps rid your worry and tension after a very long day.

CBD + Epsom Salt Are A Dream Combination

For decades, Epsom salt has been used in baths to calm and heal tight muscles. This is because it may absorb magnesium via the skin. It can also help with mood, weight control, overall health, and well-being by drawing out hazardous pollutants. CBD bath salts and bombs provide the same advantages as CBD oil since both chemicals are blended.

Skin Care

Hot water and Epsom salt combination open pores and promote blood flow. Toxins may escape from the Epsom salt, allowing CBD and other essential oils to penetrate the skin. CBD oil may nourish the skin and give it a youthful look when absorbed. Skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis can be treated with CBD oil. It also aids in the reduction of redness and inflammation.

Soothe Sore Muscles and Aching Joints

A CBD bath bomb with CBD may be used to ease any discomfort, such as post-workout stiffness, unpleasant menstrual cramps, or hurting joints. The heat from the water stimulates blood flow, which allows muscles to relax. CBD has also been proven to inhibit the COX2 eicosanoid-enzyme, which lowers inflammation.


The humidity provided by your hot bath allows your body to absorb CBD and other essential oils straight. Aromatherapy uses humidity to boost immunity, improve sleep quality, reduce stress, alleviate headaches and migraines, and combat germs and viruses.

Mental Clarity

CBD can help you relax while also improving your clarity of thought. A CBD bath bomb can positively affect the Endocannabinoid system, which controls our mood and emotions. It may also help you in increasing your serotonin levels.

A CBD bath bomb is also an excellent way to improve your bathing experience and your general health and well-being.

How to Use the Bath Bombs

The bath bombs typically include 25 to 100 mg of CBD. If you are new to CBD or have never used it before, you should start with a lower dosage. Then, when you feel comfortable, gradually raise the dose.

Before going into the tub, let the CBD bath bombs dissolve in warm water. Soak in the tub for at least 20 minutes to get the most out of the bath bomb’s minerals and cannabinoids. Avoid getting water in your eyes or your mouth.

It is crucial to note that, while raising the dosage might be advantageous, it may be more expensive with CBD bath products containing broad-spectrum CBD; however, this is not the case with CBD isolate bath bombs. Increasing the dose has no advantage.

Risks Associated with CBD Bath Products

CBD products are usually considered safe. However, people who use CBD products may suffer some of the following adverse effects:

  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive tiredness
  • Appetite changes
  • Variations in weight

Other substances in bath bombs may potentially cause harmful effects or sensitivities. Essential oils, for example, can induce skin inflammation or skin irritation.
If you use any other drugs or nutritional supplements, you should consult with your pharmacist to confirm that there are no potential interactions.

Elevate Your Self-Care Routine With Bath Bombs

A CBD bath bomb could benefit the skin while also providing a pleasant bathing experience. Some of these products may include CBD oil, offering additional skin advantages.

If you are looking for the ultimate bath bomb experience, consider checking out Altitude Organic Cannabis’ keystone dispensary, which houses the best CBD bath bombs and other CBD-based products. Contact us today!

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