Smoking Cannabis: 6 Fun and Creative Ways to Do It

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It’s best to find a method of smoking weed that appeals to your needs and preferences.

Every cannabis enthusiast has considered branching out and trying new things to improve their smoking experience. There are so many creative and exciting ways to smoke cannabis, and they will all get you your desired effect.

No matter your reason for wanting to try something new or creative, you have tons of options to explore. Learn unique ways to smoke your favorite weed strain. Altitude Organic Cannabis has you covered.

4 Other Methods to Consume Cannabis

Aside from smoking cannabis, there are other methods of consumption. Before we give you a rundown of ways to smoke cannabis, there are other ways to enjoy your go-to weed strain if you haven’t mastered how to smoke weed yet:

1. Sublinguals

Sublingual cannabis is applied under the tongue. The body absorbs it through the mucus membranes of the mouth, which lets you feel the effects faster.

2. Edibles

Contrary to vaping and smoking weed, ingesting weed won’t cause any harm to your lung health. Edibles take a little longer to kick in as they must clear your digestive system before entering your bloodstream but their benefits last for longer.

3. Topicals

Cannabis topicals are for people who seek the therapeutic benefits of cannabis but without the cerebral effects. For pain and inflammation relief, you can apply creams, balms, or patches on your skin.

4. Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are alcohol-based cannabis extracts packaged in bottles with droppers. Aside from adding tinctures to drinks, you can also place a few drops under your tongue to get the desired effect faster.

6 Different Ways to Smoke Weed

Colorado’s cannabis industry is evolving, and people have more finding more ways to smoke weed:

1. Flavored Rolling Paper

They may sound simple, but they will revolutionize your smoking experience. Flavored rolling papers enhance regular rolling papers’ natural taste and aroma. These papers come in flavors that complement weed and enhance its flavor.

Rolling papers come in various flavors like fruity varieties like mango, cherry, grape, apple, and mint. Other options include birthday cake, rum, root beer, brandy, tequila, and bubblegum.

2. Dab Rig

Have you ever walked into a marijuana retail shop and noticed those beautiful glass sculpture-looking vases? You’re likely looking at a dab rig. These water pipes aim not to provide intense filtration; they diffuse heat to maximize the flavor and aroma of cannabis concentrates.

They work in the same manner as a bong. You cannot buy a dab kit and expect to become a pro at using it when smoking weed; you’ll need accessories to use them properly.

Utilizing dab rigs involves heating the nail with the torch, placing the concentrate on the nail, then inhaling any vapor it produces. It sounds easy, but it takes practice.

3. Apple Pipe

Are you looking to try something completely new? Make sure you pick up an extra apple or two next time you go grocery shopping. This is a natural and enjoyable way of smoking cannabis that many people have tried at least once.

Aside from the apple, all you need is a knife, toothpick, and pen. they also work well if you run out of paper or have no other options. It takes very little time to make them, and people agree that they are easy to use.

4. Hookah Pipe

Hookah pipes are one of the more popular weed pipe types. These pipes originated in Europe and Asia. At first, people used them to smoke tobacco; soon, they were used for smoking cannabis.

The four main components of the hookah are the head, coals, wind cover, and hose. , Hookah use can pose health risks despite its popularity, especially when shared with others.

5. Corn Husk

This traditional method of smoking cannabis is from Jamaica. Corn husks are a slightly harsher version of standard rolling papers, but it’s still safe. They are also a great way for people to get high while using up what they would otherwise throw away.

Corn husks allow the weed to burn slowly and evenly. It’s best to use the innermost layer of the husk because it’s smoother, easier to twist, thinner, and flavorful. You can also purchase corn husk rolling papers. However, they might be challenging to find.

6. Bag Vaporizer

Many vapers prefer bag vaporizers because of the large amount they can hold at once. Bag vapes can get you high than regular vaporizers and require less effort. Just attach the bag and place your bud inside the chamber. Then press a button to watch the vape fill up.

These vapes are generally easier to maintain and clean than other vapes because they have fewer parts.

5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Smoking Weed

Now that you know some of the creative ways to smoke weed, here are safety tips to reduce the risks of cannabis smoking:

1. Don’t pass joints or share mouthpieces.

While sharing your stash is fine and all, it’s not okay to share your pipes, bongs, or joints. If you share your mouthpieces, you are basically trading spit with another person and increasing your risk for infection.

2. Use FDA-approved rolling papers.

Rolling papers can seem like no big deal but may contain toxic chemicals or flavorings.

3. Opt for glass pipes and bongs.

Some chemicals are found in plastic bongs, such as phthalates and BPA. These chemicals have been linked with severe health problems, including cancer.

4. Don’t hold your breath.

By inhaling deeply and holding it in, you expose your lungs to more of the tar. Exhaling faster will work better for you.

5. Keep your devices clean.

Make sure your pipes and bongs are clean and that you don’t roll your marijuana on any dirt surfaces.

Visit Altitude Organic Cannabis

There’s no such thing as the healthiest way to smoke weed.

Most of the same toxic chemicals and carcinogens in tobacco smoke are found in cannabis smoke, threatening your health. However, smoking cannabis will be more enjoyable and safe with these fun ways and safety tips.

Altitude Organic Cannabis offers top-shelf CBD in Dillon, CO. Once you find what method works for you, visit us. Restock your favorite weed strain today!

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