How to Store Your CBD Edibles to Keep Them Fresh

AOC How to Store Your CBD Edibles to Keep Them Fresh

When it comes to storing various foods in your home, there are certain rules that one must always follow to ensure quality and freshness. These rules also apply to CBD edibles if you want to keep your stock fresh and effective. There are different types of edibles, all of which have different storage requirements. In this article, you will learn how to store edibles to keep them fresh and ready for consumption.

Basic Rules of Storing CBD Edibles

To know how to store the edibles properly, you must first know what type of food product it is. If it is designed to stay in a cold environment, you can use your refrigerator or cooler as storage. If it can live longer at room temperature, you can simply store it on a shelf.

Regardless of the type of edible you have, here are the basic rules of storing CBD edibles:

1. Keep It Away From the Light

Light is one of the most destructive enemies of THC because too much exposure to light or UV rays can easily break it down and make it useless. Other than that, too much sun exposure can create a warm environment that causes the cannabis to develop bacteria. Keep it in a dark location to avoid any dangerous bacteria or molds from growing and spoiling it completely.

2. Keep It at the Perfect Temperature

Keeping any edible compound in a warm environment will cause it to spoil or develop mold. Storing your CBD edibles in a humid or moist location will have the same effect. They can develop condensation droplets that will lead to mold and or spoil the edible altogether.

Warm environments can be bad for your edibles, but storing them somewhere freezing can also have negative side effects if they are not liquid or a solid mass. The best examples of this are CBD brownies or bread. If such edibles lose their moisture through freezing, they can lose their potency.

That’s why it is very important to know what your edibles are made of and what temperature will be perfect for storage.

3. Keep It Sealed Airtight

In learning how to keep edibles fresh, one of the basic things to know is that too much exposure to air can cause them to dry out or develop harmful bacteria. Also, loss of moisture will lead to a loss of THC compounds, making the edible non-beneficial to the user.

By keeping it in a sealed container, you can maintain its freshness and potency. Always remember to keep the container properly sealed after each use.

All in all, knowing how to store edibles is pretty easy. All you have to do is store your edibles in a cool, dark place in an airtight container to prevent them from getting spoiled or ruined.

How to Store Common CBD Edibles

The above-mentioned rules can still change depending on the type of edible you have, so here are the most common edibles and how to store them:

1. Cannabis Candy

Storing CBD candies can be challenging because airflow can have both positive and negative effects on cannabis candies. If you keep the edibles in tight containers and a warm environment, it may lead to weeping due to too much moisture. However, loss of moisture may also lead to ineffectiveness.

If you are wondering how to store gummy edibles, you can put them in a silicone pack. This will help keep candies and gummies dry with the perfect texture. If you notice the silicone pack wicking away the moisture of the candy, you can add a dusting mixture of corn starch and powdered sugar to keep it fresh and perfect longer.

2. Chocolate Cannabis

Like normal chocolate, this type of CBD edible is sensitive to high temperatures. Keeping it in a cool, dark location is the way to go. If you want to keep your chocolate edibles longer, you can simply store them in a freezer after using a food vacuum to prevent moisture loss caused by cold temperatures.

3. Cannabis Brownies

Storing cannabis brownies or baked goods is not that different from storing regular baked goods. The best thing you can do is keep them in an airtight container, away from direct light and heat. Keep in mind that containers that have too much air room may cause the baked goods to lose moisture because they do not have enough oxygen inside.

If you want to store cannabis brownies for a longer period of time, you can also freeze them. Just be mindful of how long you intend to keep them in the freezer because they may suffer from moisture loss. Use a vacuum sealer to store brownies in the freezer longer without sacrificing their texture.

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