Everything You Need To Know About Dabbing Cannabis

AOC Everything You Need To Know About Dabbing Cannabis

When you hear the word “dabbing,” you probably think that it is a dance move that originated in the Atlanta rap scene. Dabbing, however, has different meanings, especially in the cannabis industry. Whether you are a first-timer or not, we have prepared a guide for you. Learn more about what marijuana dabs are and how to use them.

What Are Dabs

Dabs also called honeycomb, wax, budder, amber, and shatter, are concentrated doses of cannabis. Dabs have an 80-percent concentration that makes it stronger compared to other cannabis products, which usually have only ten to 15%.

How to Make Marijuana Dabs

The process involves pouring butane oil over cannabis. This allows the tetrahydrocannabinol to leave the cannabis, forming a semi-solid, gummy substance. There are different types of dabs that you will come across. Here are some of them:

  • Shatter – Unlike other varieties of dabs which are slightly sticky, shatter is clear, solid, and smooth. It is a glass-like concentrate, and as its name suggests, it usually shatters into many pieces. Many people look for this type of dab as it is known to be one of the purest.
  • Rosin – One of the most recent varieties of dabs is the rosin. It can be made using just parchment paper, marijuana, and a hair straightener. With the pressure applied by hand, an oil-like product can be produced.
  • Crumble – When butane hash oil is whipped or vacuumed, the wax becomes a substance that easily crumbles. The substance is considered a variety of dab called crumble.
  • Water Hash – Several types of processes can be done to produce water hash. Because of the varying processes, there are also different types of water hash available for use. Some of which are the following: ice wax, bubble hash, and solventless wax.
  • Wax – Wax is the stickiest form of dab and is usually yellowish-brown. Due to its texture, it should only be handled using a dab tool. The term “dabbing” came from the use of wax concentrates. Back then, people used to say the phrase, “smoking a dab of wax.”
  • Oil – Sometimes, dabs are produced using carbon dioxide instead of butane oil. This process results in a slightly runny form of dab with a distinct taste that is different from the other types.

How To Dab Cannabis

Although dabbing is not a new technique to ingest cannabis, it has been becoming more and more widely known for two reasons: the legalization and the growth in the production of marijuana-infused products in the entire United States.

For people who want to dab THC or cannabis for the first time, the process is simple. Dabbing can be done by heating marijuana dabs to a high temperature until vapor is produced. The vapor is then inhaled, and it does not take long for it to take effect.

Here are some of the essential tools you will need to properly dab cannabis:

  • Dab Rig – One of the tools people need to have when dabbing is a dab rig. This is a water pipe that has been altered in design for marijuana dab consumption. Dab rigs come in different sizes and shapes depending on the type of product that will be used. There are dab rigs designed for wax, and there are some designed for shatter. There are also some that are designed for multiple purposes.
  • Banger or Nail – Another tool needed for dabbing is a banger or a nail. These two differ in shape, but they are both used for holding the concentrate or dab while heating it. For that reason, a nail or a banger should be able to withstand extremely high temperatures.
  • Torch – When dabbing, a torch is a tool used for heating the nail or banger, which then heats the concentrate. This tool is what transforms the concentrates into vapor that can be inhaled.
  • Carb cap – The carb cap is the tool used for trapping the vapor. It is a cover placed on top of traditional nails or bangers. Nowadays, however, there are nails and bangers with designs that do not require the use of carb caps.
  • Dabber – Dabbers are the tools you can use to transfer your cannabis concentrates into the nail or banger; it is also called a wand sometimes. To prevent burns, the use of dabbers is the best option instead of using your own fingers.

Nowadays, there are already dab pens — a vaporizer that is similar to vape pens. Dab pens can be used by those who are not comfortable with the traditional way of dabbing, which can be hard and complicated. Just like vape pens, dab pens are also designed to heat the marijuana dabs to turn them into vapor.

Why Choose Dabbing

Because there are many ways to ingest or consume marijuana, you must be wondering why you should choose to dab. What you should know is that there are some benefits you’ll get when you choose to dab cannabis. Here are some of them:

  • Purity – Through dabbing, you ingest cannabis in its purest form. Dabbing will also let you enjoy the strong flavors of cannabis without the need to smoke it.
  • Faster Results – With the high concentrations of cannabinoids in cannabis dabs, you will be able to enjoy faster results. This can be beneficial to those who suffer from nausea and chronic pain.
  • Less Odor – Dabbing cannabis produces less odor compared to smoking it. This can be a benefit to those who want to consume cannabis discreetly and those who do not want to have odors lingering on their clothes.

With the benefits you can get from dabbing, you might probably be interested in trying it now. If you need high-quality concentrates — such as rosin, budder, shatter, crumble, etc. — Altitude Organic Cannabis has a dispensary in Dillon, CO, that you can visit. We also sell other marijuana products for you to try. Contact us if you have any inquiries or questions.

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