Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Flowers

AOC Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Flowers

When we talk about cannabis flowers, also known as weed flowers, we refer to the part of the cannabis plant that is used for smoking after the drying and curing process. Although there are other ways to consume cannabis, smoking the flower is still the most popular form of cannabis consumption.

If you are curious about the whole process of growing and consuming cannabis flowers, this article will guide you through everything you need to know.

How Do I Smoke Cannabis Flowers?

Smoking cannabis is the most common and popular way of consuming it because the high takes effect right away and will last for a few hours. Some of the ways to consume cannabis include:

  • Pipe: A pipe is one of the most simple methods of smoking cannabis without having to use other materials. All you need to get high is the flower, pipe, and a lighter.
  • Joint: Smoking a joint is almost the same as smoking a cigarette because the ground weed flower is rolled and smoked in paper.
  • Bong: Also known as the water pipe, this method filters the weed smoke by using water.

How to Smoke Cannabis Flower Through a Pipe

Considered the most straightforward method, smoking cannabis with a pipe is very easy. With this small and compact device, all you have to do is break the flower apart and put it in the bowl, gently touch some flame to the flower, and then inhale the smoke.

With this method, you can easily smoke the weed flower with the most practical tool you can bring anywhere.

How to Smoke Cannabis Flower With a Joint

Like smoking pipes, joints are also pretty common and easy to do. The only things you need are the rolling papers, filter, and the cannabis flower. Once you have rolled the dried flower into the rolling paper, just light the side that doesn’t have a filter and inhale it like a cigarette.

How to Smoke Cannabis Flower With a Bong

The bong is a smoking device that consists of a water-filled chamber, mouthpiece, down stem, and a bowl. If you don’t like inhaling smoke, smoking cannabis flower with a bong is the best option for you. To use the bong, simply fill the chamber with water up to the end of the mouthpiece, put your ground cannabis flower in the bowl, and then inhale. The smoke will filter through the water before reaching your mouth.

Cannabis Flowering Stages

The cannabis flowering period lasts for 7-9 weeks. The flowering process depends on what type of cannabis strain you are growing. For the first weeks, the changes may not seem obvious. The cannabis strain will go through a growth stretch. Here are changes you will see on your cannabis strain every week:

Week 1: This phase is called the stretch phase because during this time, your strain can grow rapidly and may even double in height.
Week 2: During the second week of the flowering stage, you will notice white pistils growing on your cannabis plants. These will soon develop and become cannabis buds.
Week 3: The cannabis plant will not stop growing at this point and will grow to be twice as big as it was in the first week. After this time, the growth will slow down and then stop.
Week 4: During this stage, the flowering cannabis has already stopped growing and is now focusing on growing buds. The white pistils will grow into bigger and fatter buds.
Week 5: On the fifth week, you will see the buds are growing thicker all over your cannabis plant. You will also see new buds growing along with it. With this growth, your cannabis flower will get fatter and healthier each day.

Although some cannabis strains usually take just about five weeks to bloom, some strains need an additional 3 weeks of the late flowering stage. When you see that your cannabis plant has grown fatter, this means it is ready for harvest.

Can You Transplant Cannabis During Flowering?

This is one of the most common questions when growing cannabis flowers. Always remember that transplanting can shock and make significant changes to your cannabis plant. Avoid transplanting before and during flowering to avoid any damage to the plant.

Although cannabis flowers are popular for smoking, there are also other ways you can consume them. Take cannabis flower essential oil for example. You can use it to produce a drug-like effect on your body. It can also be used to relieve pain and inflammation in your body and decrease anxiety without some of the negative side effects of smoking.

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