Cannabis Trends This 2022

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The future of the cannabis industry is uncertain, but something is for sure: 2022 will be welcoming new trends.

The cannabis market is likely to grow as more and more customers learn about cannabis products. Cowen and Company found that the legal Cannabis market will continue to grow at a 20-30% rate each year, reaching 50 billion dollars by 2026.

The health side of cannabis legalization has always been strong. Patients with chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological disorders are treated by medical cannabis. However, recreational cannabis use has also grown in popularity.

Despite that, the industry will also be facing some obstacles along the way. Altitude Organic Cannabis is here to give you a rundown of cannabis industry trends you should know about.

Cannabis Trends in 2022 You Should Know

1. Cannabis Brand Growth

This is one of the cannabis trends you’ll likely see this year. A few edibles companies have seen significant growth in the U.S. and globally. Expect to see more brands learning how to partner in other states and setting up their operations.

2. Cannabis Sales Increase

There will be more significant cannabis industry growth now that marijuana is legalized in more states. Experts believe that the industry could grow to 130 million dollars annually in the long run. Although this is unlikely to happen in 2022, it shows how quickly the industry is growing.

3. Stronger Push for Marijuana Legalization

It is legal to possess cannabis in several states, and advocates are working hard to make it legal in more locations. Support for cannabis legalization is high; nearly two-thirds of the population support federal legalization.

This is not only a significant number, but this is one of the cannabis trends that will continue to grow as the public becomes more aware of the potential benefits of cannabis.
Some states are poised to decriminalize marijuana or pass comprehensive medical marijuana bills. These bills could be stepping stones towards full legalization.

4. New Cannabis Products

There will be new products, and breeders will likely create new strains. In addition, cannabis-infused beverages will become more popular and widely available. Major companies in the alcohol industry might manufacture some of these beverages. Molson-Coors, for example, is looking at creating a cannabis-infused beverage. Coca-Cola might also create a carbonated drink with CBD. This is an upcoming trend in cannabis marketing.

Despite the wide variety of cannabis products, the marijuana flower will continue to be the most widely used form of marijuana in the near future.
Although edibles have been around for a long time, the number of products available to consumers is likely to increase. Due to federal legalization, one of the cannabis trends to watch out for is that companies not typically involved in cannabis might begin to market CBD edibles.

5. More Customer Variety

One of the cannabis industry trends is that there will likely be more female and older adult customers. As the year progresses, it is possible to see more recreational and medical cannabis users.

6. Stronger Recession-Proof Reputation For The Cannabis Industry

As experts discover more coronavirus variations and the U.S. markets continue to experience volatility from the pandemic, it is expected that cannabis marketing trends at retail will remain reasonably robust as they were during the surge of the crisis.

While the continuing pandemic may present some unexpected and expected challenges to cannabis companies on an operational level, such as inflation or supply-chain issues, consumers will continue visiting retailers as the market expands.

7. New Knowledge About Cannabis for Consumers

THC and CBD are not the only compounds that can produce the effects of marijuana. As the future of cannabis industry becomes more defined, scientists now recognize the potential benefits of other cannabinoid components in cannabis, such as CBC, CBN, THCV, and CBG.

Additionally, marijuana has terpenes that significantly affect the psychoactive properties of various strains. Breeders will likely start creating strains with high levels of terpenes or other beneficial cannabinoids apart from CBD and THC.

As one of the cannabis trends to watch out for, here’s what scientists are studying in 2022:


CBG, or cannabigerol, is a great source of all other cannabinoids; exposing CBG to sunlight produces either THC or CBD. Many will likely use CBG in many CBD supplements in the future, and experts will likely do more research to determine its other benefits.


Aging cannabis produces cannabinol, also known as CBN. It is often found in low concentrations of less than 1 percent in fresh marijuana. It has moderate psychoactive effects but strong anti-anxiety and sedative properties. There’s a good possibility that CBN supplements will be more widely known this year due to increased awareness.


CBC, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, has many medical and health benefits. It is present in high quantities in the plants, which makes it possible to make CBC supplements.


Limonene, unlike other terpenes, affects cannabis receptors and is believed to have health benefits. You can find this compound in cannabis, but you can also find it in other plants like citrus. Breeders are likely to start breeding strains that produce more of this terpene.


Unlike delta-9-THC, THCV produces different effects. It produces a brief stimulating and euphoric high, and it doesn’t cause the “munchies” like THC because of its appetite-suppressing properties. Taking large amounts can make THCV psychoactive, but it’s usually only found in very low amounts. As more people become aware of this compound, breeders are more likely to breed cannabis strains that produce high THCV levels and make THCV supplements a reality.

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