Are Homemade Edibles Better?

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Over the past few years, our society’s general stance on marijuana has grown increasingly positive. This has made marijuana more widely accessible and led to many innovations in how it is cultivated and consumed. Nowadays, we can easily find the right information about making weed edibles at home.

While homemade edibles are still quite rare since a lot of people prefer to buy their edibles in dispensaries, baking weed cookies and brownies remains an all-time classic. However, these days there are so many more options when it comes to making delicious edibles at home.

Most cannabis users look for two things in their edibles: taste and effectiveness. When you make your own edibles, it is not enough to mix all the ingredients and pre-bought mix in a bowl and expect it to be good. Just like cooking, making edibles has a standard recipe that needs to be followed.

With all the complicated recipes and measurements, some people think that making your own edibles at home may not be worth it. There are pros and cons that must be weighed when choosing between homemade edibles or dispensary edibles. In order to have a clear view about which type of edibles is better, we will review the pros and cons of DIY edibles.

Pros of Homemade Edibles

Are homemade edibles better than store bought ones? We cannot really know the answer to this question unless we try both and see for ourselves. According to a recent study, everything depends on how you plan to make your own edibles. There are a lot of things to consider, a lot of measurements to pay attention to, and many more. It may seem like a lot of work, but controlling the measurements and the ingredients is a great advantage of making your own edibles. Here are some of the reasons why homemade edibles are better:

  • Control over the ingredients
  • Knowledge about the exact measurement of all the ingredients used
  • Knowledge about how and where the edibles were made
  • Control of the dose and the potency of the edibles
  • Save more money from buying dispensary edibles
  • Have more edibles to share or use for next time
  • Making DIY edibles is fun!

A lot of dispensaries provide a wide set of choices if you want to use marijuana. Some recipes are more time-consuming and harder to accomplish, like chocolates, baked goods, and candies, but it is your own choice which ones you would like to try. The best way to make edibles is to explore and experiment on different types of food to figure out which ones work best for you.

Cons of Homemade Edibles

There are a lot of different calculations regarding the amount of THC you need for each recipe. Some people say that these calculations are inaccurate and can be dangerous to your health. Here are some of the reasons why dispensary edibles are better than homemade edibles:

1. Inaccurate Formula

A lot of people claim that even after following the recipe step-by-step, the results tend to have either too high or too low dosage. It is also proven that the conversion rate of the THCA is not the same amount as the THC you expect to have when you follow the recipe.

2. Different Portioning

People who make edibles often make the mistake of thinking that each cannabinoid compound has the same molecular weight. This means that DIY edibles from the bottom of a container may have different effects to the body compared to the ones taken from the top. In order to have the perfect consistency when baking edibles such as cookies and brownies, stir all the ingredients together and meticulously follow the recipe and its measurements. Never take shortcuts when making edibles at home because it may make the end-product ineffective.

3. Complicated Testing

When making edible recipes, professionals will test the end-product to make sure that the extraction went well and that it has the perfect amount of cannabinoids. Different stages of testing are important to make sure that the measurements are accurate and safe to be tried at home.

If you want to try new recipes and be creative in making edibles, start slow and measure all the proportions accurately. Test the final product to know if it works for you, and start making adjustments based on its effects.

Homemade edibles can be more efficient and fun to do, but there are a lot of things to consider such as the recipe, measurements, and the procedure itself. Buying your edibles at a dispensary also has its advantages and disadvantages, but dispensary edibles are ready-made, and you can simply store them at home and consume them whenever you want. Choosing which one is the best option for you depends on your preference and needs.

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