5 Ways to Improve Marijuana Bud Quality

AOC 5 Ways to Improve Marijuana Bud Quality

Marijuana buds are delicate and require proper care and attention to maintain high quality. Even experienced growers sometimes struggle to obtain the quality they are looking for in the bud. The truth is, it takes a lot of effort to achieve high quality buds successfully. If you make tons of mistakes, it will be hard for you to get what you are looking for.

While most growers focus solely on the growth rate of the cannabis plant, giving more attention to the buds is actually the most important part. If you are having a hard time growing your buds, this article will give you ways to improve marijuana bud quality.

1. Focus on the Genetic Foundation

Start with picking high quality cannabis seeds instead of mid-grade ones. The most important thing you need to focus on is genetics. In order to avoid any disappointments in the future, make sure to purchase your seeds from a respected dispensary.

Always remember that consistency is the way to go. The higher the quality of your seeds, the better. Do some research about the exact strain you want, know everything about it, and learn how to properly grow it for best results.

2. Be Generous with Light

The best way to grow top-tier pot buds is with direct sunlight. That’s why most breeders invest time and money to imitate the sun and provide their plants with as much light as possible.

The life cycle of a cannabis plant depends on their light exposure every day. It is true that sunlight is the best source of light, but since it sets every night, it is better to have a strong source of light you can control. Your plant needs as much light as it can get in order to produce the food it needs to grow beautifully. If you are using weak lights, your marijuana bud will never reach its full potential.

If you are looking for the biggest, most effective source of light, choose LED and LEC lights. They use less energy and lower watts while producing more light. Don’t forget to place it closer to the plants for best results.

3. Prioritize Nutrients and Supplements

Feeding and watering are important, but never do it too much. The most common mistake growers make is overfeeding their plants. Here are some important tips to take note of:


  • Make sure that you give the cannabis plant just enough base nutrients during its flowering stage.
  • Reduce the level of nitrogen you provide the plant during the latter part of its flowering stage. Too much nitrogen during this stage may lead to decreased production of buds
  • If you want to produce more flowers, be generous with phosphorus. Phosphorus is known to be a bud enhancer and can really increase the number of flowers
  • Keep in mind never to overfeed your cannabis plants because too many nutrients can affect the taste of the final product


  • Carbs and sugar are known to improve the smell and taste of the marijuana bud. If you want them to have a distinct flavor, you can include esters and terpenes to the mix
  • If you want to know how to make marijuana buds bigger, giving blackstrap molasses to your cannabis plant in the last few weeks will definitely do the job.

4. Maintain the Right Temperature and Humidity

If you want to provide a friendly environment for your buds, 68°F to 73°F is the best temperature for seedlings, and 70°F to 85°F when they reach the vegetative stage. Aside from that, keep in mind that the perfect temperature during the flowering stage of the plant is 65°F to 80°F in the morning and 68°F to 75°F at night.

Humidity is also important for keeping the cannabis buds healthy, especially if they are being grown indoors. Humidity that is set too high can make the bud rot, while humidity that is too low can encourage the development of spider mites. The best humidity range must be 65 to 70 percent for the seedlings, 40 to 70 percent during the vegetative stage, and 30 to 40 percent during the flowering stage.

5. Conduct Proper Drying and Curing

Knowing how to dry marijuana buds is just as important as the growing procedure. 50 percent of your buds’ appearance depends on drying and curing. To get the best result, slowly dry your buds and then cure them inside mason jars for about two to four weeks. This process may sound easy to perform, but a simple mistake in the process can lead to mold build up and lower the potency of the bud.

Make sure that you follow the drying and curing process carefully, and open the mason jars for a short period of time every day to bring in fresh air and release unnecessary gas build up.

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