5 Tips on How Not to Smell Like Cannabis After Smoking

5 Tips on How Not to Smell Like Cannabis After Smoking

You have to admit that weed has a strong scent. Their earthy aroma can provoke a nostalgic excitement reminding users of the fun session they had.

But not everyone appreciates the cannabis smell. It’s one of the drawbacks of smoking weed. This shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying getting high though. With some little effort, you can maintain a smoking routine without catching silent judgment whenever you venture out.

What Does Cannabis Smell Like?

Before grabbing the car key or turning the doorknob, you may need to perform a smell check first. Identifying the smell of weed can be difficult since each strain of marijuana has a unique smell. But once you get used to it, you’ll be able to determine the distinct cannabis smell with just one sniff.

Like all plants, cannabis has an organic compound, known as terpene, responsible for its change in smell. Depending on its age, cannabis may give off a strong pungent smell or a milder “skunky” scent. Its aroma can become powerful when a cannabis plant is harvested during its blooming stage.

The smell of marijuana can seep into all parts of the home. What’s worse is this potent smell can cling to a person’s clothes, hair, skin, and breath. Whether you have an unexpected visitor or you are invited to dinner by your kind neighbor, covering up that cannabis smell might be a priority after an intense blaze.

How Not to Smell Like Cannabis After Smoking

Whatever your reason to hide the smell of weed, these tips that we prepared can help you smoke anytime but still end up smelling fresh and clean. Try each tip at once and find the best tricks that work best for you.

1. Take a Shower

The simplest solution to remove cannabis smell is to take a shower. A splash of cold water can also help you wake up. Putting on some cologne or body spray after a bath can also minimize the cannabis smell.

If you are at your friend’s place, ask him or her if you can borrow their bathroom for a bit. You can also stop by the nearest gym and use the locker room. To save you the hassle, you can plan your day before getting that first whiff.

2. Wash Your Hands and Face

If you are in a hurry, one of the best ways to remove the unwanted odor on your body is by washing your hands and face. It is a cheap but effective trick to go out like you never smoke.

You can also keep some hand sanitizer or wet wipes inside your pocket. Sometimes access to water is out of reach, but with your on-the-go cleaning kits, you don’t have to worry.

3. Brush Your Teeth

Whatever the flavor of cannabis you smoke, your breath afterward can turn off every person you’ll have a conversation with. Brush your teeth and gargle some mouthwash to prevent an unpleasant smell from your mouth. Menthol, gums, or dental strips can also be handy in keeping your breath fresh from morning until noon.

4. Change Your Outfit

How not to smell like cannabis in an instant? Change your clothes! Smoke can cling to many things and the best way not to smell like weed is to remove those things from your body.

Cannabis smell can also latch onto your hair. Try wearing a headdress or pulling your hair back with a ponytail. Reducing the amount of exposed hair can help in masking the strong weed odor while looking tidied up.

5. Soak under the Sun

Before you head out to your destination, take a short turn and air out the residue of cannabis smell from your body. Soaking under the sun can also neutralize the odor of weed. Take advantage of the sun outside and spend at least 30 minutes in direct sunlight.

How Not to Smell Like Cannabis While Smoking

You can fully delight in your delicious leaves without the fear of stinking out. By preventing smoke from taking hold at the start, you can reduce the lingering cannabis smell on your body. Here are some proactive ways on how not to smell like cannabis:

1. Have Enough Ventilation

Make sure to let the air flow outside. Crack your windows open and point a fan outside. This way you’ll direct the smoke out your room. Sometimes simple ventilation can remove cannabis smell from the room and of course, from you.

2. Smoke in the Shower or Bathroom

Almost all veteran smokers know the trick of using steam to remove cannabis smell. Smoke inside the bathroom and turn the water as hot as possible and let the steam dissipate the terpene-infused odor. Don’t forget to turn on the exhaust fan or else, the vapor will be trapped and will stick to the bathroom walls leaving a stinky smell after.

3. Burn Some Natural Incense

If it is too cold to open the window, one way to cover your tracks is by overriding the signature smell of weed. Burn a light incense to remove cannabis smell and keep it from building up in your place. Incense is also an effective tool to camouflage the lingering smoke in the air.

4. Try Other Alternatives to Smoking

There are always alternatives to choose from so you won’t have to worry about the latching smoke. You can try some cannabis edibles, which do not produce smoke or unpleasant odor.

If you prefer the buzz of pleasure and energy from smoking, you can use vape pens or pipes to minimize the pungent smell of smoking weed. Vaporizers produce less marijuana smoke, which has a less potent aroma compared to a bong or joint.

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