5 Marijuana-Infused Products You Should Try

AOC 5 Marijuana-Infused Products You Should Try

While marijuana is commonly used to treat diseases and other health conditions, many people take it for recreation, too! With the many uses and benefits of marijuana, the industry has been expanding and manufacturers are coming up with different ways you can use cannabis. Many want to experience all the benefits of marijuana without having to smoke it and risk damaging their lungs. That’s why it is important to know all the different marijuana-infused products you can try.

The growing popularity of marijuana and cannabis has led to the rise of cannabis products in recent years. Since CBD and THC can have an effect on the body in ways other than smoking, the possibilities of using other forms of marijuana intake are endless.

Here are five marijuana-infused products you should definitely try.

1. Cannabis Drinks

This may seem weird for a non-cannabis user, but you can actually drink cannabis now. Beverages infused with marijuana are very common in states where marijuana has been legalized. In some states, cannabis cola and fruit punch cocktails are very popular. There are several coffee shops that offer cannabis-infused drinks that are perfect for people who want to relax and calm down.

Listed below are the most popular cannabis-infused drinks in the country:


Drinking marijuana is proven to be an effective way of getting rid of or dealing with chronic pain. Cannabis tea is widely available, and you can actually make it for yourself. Just like herbal tea, cannabis tea is good to help you relax.


Coffee has always been the early morning drink for a lot of people. If you want to start your day with something extra, cannabis coffee pods are available in most cannabis stores. If you don’t want to make your own cannabis coffee, there are some coffee shops in different states that serve cannabis coffee and other beverages.


Just like cannabis cocktails, cannabis beer has become popular in states where cannabis is legalized. It is often a non-alcoholic and low-calorie beer that is brewed with the actual marijuana plant.

2. Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is pretty popular because a lot of marijuana-infused products contain cannabidiol oil, but cannabis oil can be consumed and used on its own. It is also one of the most sought-after marijuana products used to get relief from pain, nausea, anxiety, and other health conditions.

Cannabis oil is a beneficial product that comes in many different forms. It can be mixed with vape juice for smokers, cannabis candles, cannabis capsules, cannabis cologne, and it can also be consumed directly by dropping some of the oil on your tongue and swallowing it.

3. Cannabis Gummies

Do you love sweets? Cannabis gummies are popular in a lot of marijuana stores in particular states. Although the amount of cannabis that is actually in gummies varies greatly, these treats have become very popular in states where marijuana is legal.

4. Cannabis Beauty Products

Cannabis-infused beauty products are becoming increasingly popular. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used to fight acne and other skin impurities and blemishes. Not only that, cannabis skin care products can also help keep skin hydrated, healthy, and relaxed all the time.

There are also cannabis-infused feminine products that have been introduced alongside these beauty products, such as bath bombs and bath salts that are known to bring relief and relaxation to the body.

As you can see, there are a lot of marijuana-infused products available in certain states. You just have to decide which ones will work best for you and will be the most effective way for you to enjoy all the benefits of cannabis. There are healthier ways to consume marijuana than smoking it. You just have to find the one that will fit best with your lifestyle.

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